Massage Treatments



Full Body

This one hour full body massage is a wonderful

re-energizing massage that is not only relaxing

but restores muscle balance, improves circulation,

and helps to detoxify the body. Additional

30 minutes may be added for $39.00



Neck and Back

This half hour stimulating massage loosens

tight muscles, soothes soreness and increases

circulation in the neck, shoulders and lower

back, leaving you relaxed and energized.




Seated Chair Massage

This is a great way to relieve stress in a short

period of time. In just minutes you can receive

a neck, shoulder, back and arm massage that

will revitalize you for the rest of the day!


$2.75 a Minute


Reflexology is the art and science of pressure

points in the hands and feet. For 30 minutes we use a series of

stretches, vibration and muscle accupression

to relieve stress and to promote good health.

Can also be added with skin treatments.



Stone Therapy Massage

This soothing one hour massage uses the

transfer of heat from stones directly to

muscles resulting in increased circulation and

reduction of stress and tension within the body.

Therapists utilize stone placement during

massage to alleviate strain in problem areas.



Deep Tissue

This massage penetrates the muscles to relieve

chronic pain, stiffness and toxins. Using slow

strokes that run across the muscles and deep

fingers pressure, this technique works best on

targeted areas and not full body. You may select

any area for deep tissue work, or may choose

the entire body.


Prices vary

Vibratory Massage

$2.75 Per Minute

90 Minute Massage

This hour and a half massage is a "Thank You" to your body for all it does for you. It can help increase endorphins, lower stress, increase range of motion and flexibility of joints, as well as create a sense of well-being.



Aroma Therapy

The smells you enjoy also balance you. Based

on the Ayurvedic traditions of wellness, this

helps balance you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Offered with any massage service.




Massage for the elderly. Soothing, relaxing, with

lighter pressure. Promotes strong blood flow

and eases aches and pains.




Massage for the Disabled

Easing soreness, helps muscles from atrophying.

Promotes physical and mental well-being.



Vacuum Massage

Physically manipulates the collagen fibers and connective tissue. FDA approved to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.


 Vacuum Massage


Pack of four



Pack of six


Pack of eight


Pack of sixteen


Other Spa Services:


Moisture Body Wraps

A rehydrating treatment delighted to replenish

skin from the effects of our climate. Sunburn

and dry skin are soothed in therapeutic application

of creams and oils. The application is

followed by a relaxing foot and scalp massage.

One hour and 20 minutes.




A shower can be added before or

after any service. Our shower has 5 shower

heads. A sure way to relax and soothe soreness. It also helps open the pores which creates softer skin.





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